Biography of Stephen Spurgeon
With nine patents to his name Spurgeon has provided new technology to several leading companies over the past ten years.  Starting with product consulting and development for Hewlett Packard in 1995 he pointed HP into the large format digital printing business which today represents a dominate company division for Hewlett Packard. 

The Bakery business wasn't a far leap for digital printing advancements as Spurgeon introduced PhotoCake® to DecoPac Corporation the largest cake novelty and decoration company in the world with over 38,000 bakeries using his patented process to print edible photos and images onto a cake.

Not far in the B’s from Bakery is Bowling.  Brunswick a fortune 500 company and the leader in recreational bowling products acquired Spurgeon’s technology to print images onto bowling balls in 2001.  Today you can see promoters  like Miller ,Coors, and Pepsi using bowling as a visible way to display branding in bowling alleys across the USA. 

Next up, the Music Industry could not be without new technology to paint custom images onto a guitar.  Fender , Gibson and Peavey Electronics were the first companies to adapt Spurgeon’s technology and offer limited edition guitars with beautiful archival imagery to celebrity musicians.  Peavey and Music Gaming Enterprises,LLC have helped expand the business opportunities into the 3 Billion dollar video gaming industry by offering real customized guitars for Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games.

What’s next ?....New Business Development for digital printing technology awaits. Contact: 
 Stephen Spurgeon, Boulder, Colorado  
See additional Information: WSJ.pdf Outsourcing Innovation
Overview of: $45 Million in New business development
2009 Music Gaming

2005 Fender

2001 Brunswick 

2000 DecoPac

1995 Hewlett Packard